King Henry's

Floor Rack # 90612 56 peg

Rack Type: 56 Peg Floor Rack

Dimensions: 36″ width X 63″ height

Description: Compact but still displays good selection of products. Ideal for limited space.

We have designed this specific display for most visibility of our product line for customers who would like to merchandise maximum number of King Henry’s products.  This rack allows for merchandising were there is high traffic from three different sides and allowing the consumer to see a great verity of quality King Henry’s products.

Depending on the mixture of the product it can hold as many as 62 items, making this a center piece in any situation with our colorful packaging. It really stands out and it will draw consumer’s attention to it from many different angles.

We at King Henrys always strive for the best and this particular display shows it all.

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