King Henry's

Floor rack # 90590 36 peg

Rack Type: 36 Peg Floor Rack

Dimensions: 31″ width X 63″ height

Description: Compact but still displays good selection of products. Ideal for limited space.

This sturdy rack is made for high volume accounts. They are designed to display a larger variety than our most popular rack and produce maximum sales in locations were more variety and quantity is an objective.

They are perfect for many locations such as Grocery stores, Food institutions, along with high volume convenience stores and gas stations. King Henry’s has a display piece for any store in any area! With these racks King Henry’s will not only increase your sales but your profit as well!

Our distributors have learned with experience how to work with each location to maximize sales and to find the correct items for you. This rack is also designed to hold clip strips on each side to allow merchandising of our other great items like Carmel corn, pretzels, sunflower seeds, pork rinds to name few

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