King Henry's

Floor Rack # 90560 42 peg

Rack Type: 36 Peg Floor Rack

Dimensions: 31″ width X 63″ height

Description: Ideal for displaying variety of products

This particular display was designed mostly for end caps. Were our loyal customers & retailers found out by trial that our starter racks were no longer able to hold enough inventory to keep up with the high customer demand!

The width is 31” which is the exact width of a standard end cap in convenience stores, grocery stores or gift shops. This rack allows for the space it occupies to display 42 of our great tasting high quality assortment of snacks, Nuts, Candy, toys are some options. This rack is also designed to be equipped with the industrial grade casters when needed.

With especially designed hooks you are able to hang clip strips on each side of the rack for displaying additional items. This rack as well, is designed to hold clip strips on each side to allow merchandising of our other great items like Carmel corn, pretzels, sunflower seeds, pork rinds to name a few.




King Henry's