King Henry's

Floor Rack # 90530 30 peg

Rack Type: 30 Peg Floor Rack

Dimensions: 26″ width X 63″ height

Description: Most popular display. Merchandised with our All Natural line

This is our most popular display piece and is designed to give not only you but the customer more variety to choose from.

This metallic silver rack with our half moon style header card is perfect to place at the front check stand. This rack is designed to hold clip strips on each side to allow merchandising of our other great items like Carmel corn, pretzels, sun seeds, pork rinds to name few.  Also we have designed this rack so one can add power panels to either side of the rack were space permitting to display a larger verity of our quality product line.

Remember…King Henry’s is not only the best provider and proven leader in the snack category but is an innovator in producing new items so you will always need more space in the future.


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